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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
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martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011



FILE 2. Listening  1

Jack     So how long have you been working on the check-in desk,

Carole    Oh, about three years now.

Jack        I bet you've had some pretty funny experiences in that

Carole    Oh, goodness, yes. For example, I remember a little old
lady checked in one day and I said: _Window or aisle seat?'
And she replied: _Oh give me an aisle seat, dear. I don't
want to sit by the window. It'll be too windy and I've just
had my hair done.' I tried to explain that we never actually
open the windows, but she wouldn't believe me.

Jack        Poor woman. It was probably the first time she'd flown.

Carole   What about this one? Once, when I was working at the
flight-sales desk, a customer, he was a young, very
well-dressed man, came up, looking stressed and in a
hurry, and asked for a flight to Hawaii. It's a long flight so
I explained that there would be a stop in California and
another flight from there to Hawaii. Then I told him how
much the flight would cost - and of course it was a lot,
because it was such short notice. He said: _Wow! That's a
lot. Maybe it would be cheaper if I just flew to California
and then took the train from there to Hawaii.' }thought
he was joking at first, but he was completely serious. I had
to explain to him that Hawaii was in fact an island in the
middle of the Pacific and so catching a train there might
be a bit difficult! He looked really disappointed.

Jack        That's incredible! How could he be so stupid?

Carole    My favourite though is a story that was told to me by a
friend of mine who used to be a travel guide when she was
much younger. Anyway she was taking a group from
England on a package holiday to Portugal. When they
arrived at the airport in Portugal, one woman, who had
two small kids with her, said that her luggage hadn't
arrived. They waited for ages at baggage reclaim, and
made lots of phone calls but the airline said there was no
record of the woman's bags. In the end, my friend asked
the woman if she had actually checked her luggage in at
the airport in London. _Oh no,' said the woman. _I left
them in my car, I thought the porter would collect them
for me.' My friend couldn't believe it. The woman hadn't
checked her bags in with the airline - they were still in the
boot of her car!

answer:  CBBBA


MARK: Have you any idea where Emilio is from?
JO: Emilio? Yes. I know. Confusing, isn't it? He's got a
Spanish-sounding name but doesn't speak a word of the
language. His girlfriend's Swedish, but he doesn't speak
a word of that either. And you'd swear he was American
from his accent. Believe it or not, he was born in
Ireland, although I don't think either of his parents
were. Still, that's where he's from.

TOM: Which one is Mary?
KAREN: Mary? She's the girl over in the corner wearing the
sleeveless T-shirt and the pale blue skirt.
TOM: Oh right. The one in the white top and the tight skirt.
KAREN: Well, no. I don't knowwho you're looking at but rd say
her top was more of alight green. And her skirt's not
particularly tight at all.

MIKE:  Did you eat out in the end?
JANIA: Well, we really wanted to but by the time Jack got home
from work it was so late we stayed in. It doesn't take long
to get into town from where we live, but, well, we were
both tired and it just wasn't worth it.
MIKE: It's so much easier to eat at home, too.
JANIA: Well,I'm not sure about that. I'm an awful cook. I just
don't have the patience for it. In fact, we ordered some
take away pizzas.

BOB: Hi Sophie. You look tired. What's happened?
SOPHIA: Oh, I've had an awful day at work. There was this guy
who said he'd been waiting for three quarters of an hour
to see the doctor. Anyway he got really angry and
shouted at me. To be honest, we had forgotten about
him, but that's no reason to be rude, is it? So we made
him wait another 15 minutes before we let him in to see
Dr Hughes.
BOB: Good for you!

MAY: Have you ever had a holiday romance, Danny?
DANNY: Me? Yeah once. Ages ago. She was German and very
good--looking. I really liked her and so I tried really hard
to keep in touch with her when I got home from Greece,
but she wasn't interested.
Those were the days. . .

answer: ACACB

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