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Matuschek's, a gift store in Budapest, is the workplace of Alfred Kralik (James Stewart) and Klara Novak (Margaret Sullavan). At work they constantly irritate each other, but this daily aggravation is tempered by the fact that each has a secret pen pal with which they trade long soul-searching letters. Romantic correspondence is sent back and forth, and while Alfred and Klara trade barbs at work, they dream of someday meeting their sensitive, caring and completely wonderful soul-mate. Of course, neither realizes that their soul-mates are really each other.Christmas is fast approaching, and the store is busy. Alfred had been with the store for some time, and has always been treated well by Mr. Matuschek (Frank Morgan), but lately his attitude has changed. Alfred is at a loss, and Matuschek avoids any explanation, finally telling Alfred that it would be best if he left. Stunned, Alfred accepts his last paycheck and says goodbye to everyone, including Klara. For once they are civil to each other.A long awaited meeting of the secret pen pals was planned for that night, and Alfred, feeling little romance, has no desire to go. Finding he can't fight his curiosity, he wanders to the restaurant where they'd agreed to meet and peeks in the window. Of course, Klara is there waiting for him, wearing a red carnation they'd agreed to use as a signal. Realizing that he'd been wrong about her all along, and that his irritation with her was actually masking his attraction, he finally enters and goes over to her table, but does not reveal his true reason for being there. He's the last person she wanted to see, and she makes her dislike for him painfully evident. Alfred, hurt by her rudeness, finally leaves, knowing that she will wait all night for someone who is no longer coming.Meanwhile, back at the store, Mr. Matuschek has a late-night meeting with a private detective. He knows that his wife has been having an affair with one of his employees, and was convinced it was his trusted friend, Alfred. The detective however tells Matuschek it is in fact another man and, heart-broken over his wife's infidelity and his poor treatment of Alfred, he retires to his office. The delivery boy, returning late, stops Matuschek as he is pulling out a pistol. Collapsing in grief and shame, he is rushed to the hospital.The next day Alfred visits Mr. Matuschek in his sick bed, where he asks for Alfred's forgiveness and puts him back to work, now as manager of the store. Klara arrives late, obviously heartbroken after the failure of her soul-mate to materialize last night. When she finds that the man she insulted is now her boss, she faints in the middle of his office. Later, as she is resting at home, Alfred pays her a visit, bringing her another letter from her secret pen pal (actually himself) that explains his absence. Relieved, she swears to Alfred she'll be back at work in the morning, and even restrains from delivering more than a few mild barbs to Alfred. He is still stung, but feels more and more tenderness towards her.Christmas Eve is here, and everyone works through the day. Mr. Matuschek has nearly recovered from his sickness and stops by to see how things are going, and when the final tally is made, the store has had its best sales day ever. Delighted, he hands out bonuses to all, and takes the stockboy out for Christmas dinner. Alfred and Klara are getting ready to leave, and she has another date with her mystery pen pal, but Alfred delays her with a few questions. She's never yet seen him, and can't wait to find out what he looks like. Alfred plays along, but tenderly, not wanting to hurt her. He tells her that the mysterious pen pal stopped by to see him earlier, and he is in fact fat, bald, older and broke.Saddened and deflated, Klara confesses to Alfred that she'd hoped her secret friend was an attractive young man, and she dreamed of becoming engaged. Actually, she'd really hoped that her soul-mate looked like him, and goes on to say that when they'd first met, she had really found him very attractive. "Would it be so bad", he asks her, "if it really was me after all?" He holds up a red carnation, and suddenly eveything becomes clear to her. Realizing they are both in love, they embrace, and go out to celebrate Christmas together.





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Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five unmarried daughters, and Mrs. Bennet is especially eager to find suitable husbands for them. When the rich single gentlemen Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come to live nearby, the Bennets have high hopes. But pride, prejudice, and misunderstandings all combine to complicate their relationships and to make happiness difficult. Written by Snow Leopard


The movie opens with the story of a young boy, Roy Hobbs (Paul Sullivan Jr. & Mark Atienza), who is a farm boy with an incredible talent for playing baseball. Encouraged by his father (Alan Fudge), Hobbs is told by him that he has an amazing gift for throwing a baseball, but he needs more than that if he is to succeed and play in the big leagues. Hobbs witnesses his father's death while working under a large tree in the front of his home. Some years later, a lightning bolt strikes the tree splitting it into pieces. Hobbs takes a part of the tree and carves out a bat, using a tool to burn into the bat the name Wonderboy along with a symbol of a lightning bolt for whence it came.A few years later, Hobbs finds out he is going to get a chance to play in the big leagues. In the middle of the night, he runs to meet his longtime girlfriend, Iris Gaines (Rachel Hall as young Iris), to inform her that he is going to try out for the Chicago Cubs. He tells Iris that he loves her, and as soon as he makes the team he will return for her. They happily make love in her barn before he leaves. The next scene shows Hobbs on a train with the Cubs' scout, Sam Simpson (John Finnegan), where he meets a sports journalist, Max Mercy (Robert Duvall), who is on the train covering a famous baseball hitter known as the Whammer (Joe Don Baker).The train stops at a carnival where Hobbs and the Whammer each have an opportunity to show off their skills at various games. The Whammer has caught the interest of a young lady by the name of Harriet Bird (Barbara Hershery), who is also on the way to Chicago. After watching Hobbs miss a stack of empty jugs with a baseball, Max claims that Sam has missed again in finding talent. Sam bets Max $10 that Hobbs can strike out the Whammer on only three pitches. After watching the first pitch for a strike, the Whammer swings and misses the next two pitches and strikes out. Back on the train, Ms. Bird garners an interest in Hobbs, for whom he immediately develops a crush on her. When they reach Chicago, Harriet invites Hobbs to her hotel room. Wearing all black and a veil, Harriet asks Hobbs to confirm what he told her on the train, that he would eventually be the best in the game. When Hobbs agrees, Harriet raises a gun and shoots him.Fifteen years later, Pop Fisher (Wilford Brimley), the manager of the New York Knights, discovers he has a new "rookie" for his teama thirty-four-year-old man named Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford), whom the team's owner, the stingy Judge Banner (Robert Prosky), has signed for a paltry $3,000. Hobbs also meets Max Mercy, the sports journalist, again, but Max does not recognize him. The Knights are doing very poorly; even their playing field is dried up from a long drought. Pop is skeptical of Hobbs. When Hobbs refuses to join the hypnotist sessions to which Pop subjects the team, Pop benches Hobbs for three weeks. One afternoon during batting practice, Hobbs hits home run after home run with ease. This catches the attention of Pop Fisher, who questions the homemade bat that Hobbs is using. Skeptical to the end, Pop says he'll permit Hobbs to use the bat if it measures within specifications.Hobbs continues to sit on the bench as the Knights continue to lose. During a game against the Phillies, Bartholomew 'Bump' Bailey (Michael Madsen) is benched by Pop for not hustling enough. Pop decides to send Hobbs into the game to pinch-hit for Bailey. After Pop wishes him luck and to smash the cover off the ball, Hobbs does exactly that in his first at-bat, causing the Phillies manager to protest to the umpires requesting the real ball and not the mess of string that resulted from Hobbs amazing hit. Hobbs continues to wow everyone with his amazing talent. The Commissioner validates that Hobbs' bat was within specifications and can be used in a game. After Pop threatens to pull Bailey from the lineup, Bailey tries so hard in the next game to outdo Hobbs that he accidentally cracks his skull against the wall, which results in his untimely death.The Knights begin to rise in the standings due to Hobbs' amazing performance. The lightning bolt on Hobbs bat inspires teammate John Olsen (Jon Van Ness) to wear a patch on his arm, which results in a stellar batting practice session by Olsen. Soon after, the entire team adopts the lightning bolt patch, which is worn on their right sleeves. The teams stellar hitting continues as does the Knights win streak. While getting a shoeshine one afternoon, bench coach Red Blow (Richard Farnsworth) tells Hobbs about the deal that the Judge made with Pop in an effort to swindle the remaining shares from him. If Pop wins the pennant, the Judge would give away his shares. If Pop loses, then the Judge gets all of Pops shares and he's out for good.During practice one afternoon, Hobbs is asked by a teammate to throw him a pitch to hit. With the ever-inquisitive Max looking on in the stands, Hobbs rears back and throws a pitch so hard that it sticks into the protective mesh behind home plate. Upon panning back to the stands, Max has disappeared from his seat. After practice, Pop informs Hobbs that the Judge wants to see him. During the visit, the Judge attempts to persuade Hobbs to help him get control of the team from Pop. Hobbs stubbornly refuses and leaves the office. Upon his departure, the Judge's personal bookie, Gus Sands (Darren McGavin), assures that Hobbs isn't as greedy as Bump Bailey was but he could be persuaded in different ways.Max takes Hobbs to dinner the next evening. While there, he meets Gus and his female companion, Memo Paris (Kim Basinger). During the dinner visit, Gus bets Hobbs $100 that he knows exactly how much money he has in his pocket, give or take one dollar. Gus wins the bet, but when Hobbs informs Gus that he will soon pay him the $100, Gus politely dismisses the bet stating that perhaps Hobbs can do him a favor in return someday. Hobbs states that he shouldnt bet on it.Hobbs begins a relationship with Memo, but Pop is concerned that it's bad luck for Hobbs. Pop's feelings are confirmed as Hobbs quickly falls into a hitting slump. Hobbs obsession with Memo continues as does the Knights losing streak. Hobb's longtime girlfriend, Iris (Glenn Close), has been paying close attention to Hobbs in the papers and sees that the Knights are going to be playing in Chicago. Iris decides to attend the game to watch Hobbs play. During an at-bat in Chicago, Iris notices Hobbs is struggling and stands up hoping to get his attention. Hobbs notices a woman standing up in the crowd for him, but appears unsure who it is. Without purpose or reason, Hobbs crushes the next pitch into the centerfield scoreboard clock for a home run, and the Knights losing streak comes to an end.After the game, Hobbs receives a note from Iris stating it was her in the stands and requesting to meet with him. Hobbs meets Iris at the café where they have a nice visit. Iris is cordial during the visit, but remains distant to Hobbs. Upon leaving, Hobbs asks Iris to come to the next game, but she says she can't for other reasons. After another great game performance, Hobbs leaves the ballpark only to find Iris waiting for him outside. The two walk to Iris home from the ballpark. During the walk, Hobbs elaborates to Iris about his troubled past and how he failed to return for Iris after leaving for Chicago. At Iris' house, Hobbs notices a baseball glove lying on the couch. Iris informs him it belongs to her son. Hobbs is shocked to hear this and asks where the father is. Iris says that his father lives in New York. After a warm embrace, Iris informs Hobbs he needs to leave.Hobbs regains his focus as do the rest of the Knights, and the team begins a winning streak that results in the Knights' three games ahead of the Pirates in the standings for the pennant with just three games to go. Hobbs attempts to contact Iris by phone, but is unsuccessful. Soon after, the Knights hold a banquet for the team. During the event, Gus informs Hobbs that he has already bet against the Knights, which raises suspicions with Hobbs, who again rejects any of Gus persuasions. Gus informs Memo of his disappointment, who subsequently poisons the unsuspecting Hobbs with a tainted piece of food. This results in Hobbs being taken to a local hospital where he is laid up sick for three days. During his visit, the doctor (Peter Poth) informs Hobbs that his stomach lining has been gradually deteriorating. Upon pumping his stomach, the doctors remove an old bullet that has apparently been there for many years, apparently the bullet that Harriet Bird had shot him with.Meanwhile, the Knights lose their next three games, allowing the Pirates to catch and tie them for first place. Memo visits Hobbs at the hospital. Memo begs Hobbs not to play as it may kill him, but Hobbs insists that Pop Fisher and the Knights need him in order to win. Hobbs sneaks out of the hospital to test whether he can play or not. Upon seeing Max in the stands taking pictures, Hobbs hits a number of balls into the stands toward Max to scare him away, telling Max to never look back at the past. Successful in shooing off Max, Hobbs crumples to the ground and is rushed back to the hospital. That evening, Judge Banner visits Hobbs and offers him $35,000 to throw the next game, which will decide who wins the pennant. The Judge leaves Hobbs with the money assuming that they have a deal.The team arrives the next day to visit Hobbs in the hospital. Hobbs wishes the team luck as he will not be ready to play in the game. Iris comes to visit Hobbs at the hospital, but before she can see Hobbs she is confronted by Max who shows her some old photos from Hobbs past attempting to blackmail her for information. She flatly rejects Max and continues on to meet with Hobbs, who begrudgingly admits to his failure of falling for Harriet Bird on the train all those years ago, and how all of that resulted in his life not turning out how he expected. Hobbs asks Iris if she and her son are going to the game the next day. After confirming this, she is unable to finish before being interrupted by the nurse (Elizabeth Ann Klein) treating Hobbs. She quietly dismisses herself.Hobbs returns to the ballpark the next day. In the presence of Gus and Memo, Hobbs gives the Judge back his envelope of money informing them all that its his plan to play in the game that evening. The Judge attempts to blackmail Hobbs one last time, but is unsuccessful. Memo pulls out a revolver and fires a round to scare Hobbs, but relinquishes the weapon to Hobbs before breaking down in tears, jealous and envious of Hobbs in being such a good man.Hobbs returns to the clubhouse where he meets Pop and Red in the shower cleaning up before the game. Pop tells Hobbs that he's the greatest player that he's ever seen, and tells Hobbs to suit up for the game. Max meets Hobbs in the clubhouse prior to the game, claiming that he's there to protect the game and that he'll do what's necessary to ensure that. The next shot is of the Knights taking the field; Iris and her son in the stands clapping as Hobbs trots out to right field to start the game. Hobbs is able to perform, but not without being in visible discomfort. He strikes out in his first at-bat.Al Fowler (Ken Grassano), the Knights pitcher, walks a batter then allows a home run on the next pitch. Hobbs suspects that the Judge has bought off Fowler and pleas with Fowler to give the Pirates the real stuff. He agrees to play for real when Hobbs starts hitting the ball again. Hobbs strikes out in his second at-bat. Iris persuades a stadium usher to deliver a note to Hobbs in the dugout. Upon reading the note, Hobbs is visibly moved by what Iris has told him Hobbs is the father of Iris son! Down 2-0, the Knights begin a rally in the bottom of the 9th inning. With runners on first and third base, Hobbs steps up to the plate for his third at-bat. After two errant pitches, the Pittsburgh manager puts in his young phenom left-handed relief pitcher to face Hobbs. The next pitch is fouled off into the press box where it breaks the glass in front of Max who is reporting on the game. After a swing and a miss, Hobbs takes the next pitch down the right field line but it veers off foul. Upon running back to the batters box, Hobbs is shocked to see that Wonderboy has split in two. He tasks the batboy, Bobby Savoy, to pick him out a replacement bat. Bobby returns with another homemade bat that Hobbs helped him make, named Savoy Special. Noticing blood on his jersey, the Pirates catcher calls for an inside fastball. Hobbs drives the pitch high up into the right field lights, which result in a magnificent explosion causing other lights in the stadium to explode in a shower of sparks.Hobbs rounds the bases in an almost dreamlike sequence as the Knights win the game and Pop Fisher looks on. As the team jumps on Hobbs as he crosses home plate, the camera pans to the ball that is still flying out into night. As the ball drops in the next sequence, it lands in the glove of Iris' son, who throws the ball back to his father, Roy Hobbs, while Iris looks on in the distance.

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October 6, 1970. While on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, American college student Billy Hayes (Brad Davis) straps several pounds of hashish (about two kilograms) to his body. The film's soundtrack consists of an increasing heartbeat at Billy, nervous at being caught smuggling, makes his way with his girlfriend, Susan (Irene Miracle), through customs. Billy perspires heavily, noticed by the middle aged customs agent who checks his bag. After their bags are searched, both Billy and Susan board a shuttle bus to their plane. Billy smiles, thinking he is out of danger. However, he notices that a large detachment of armed police and soldiers have taken up positions just outside the plane. Unable to detach and discard the hashish, and sweating heavily, Billy is arrested on the spot when he is frisked by a young Turkish policeman. Billy is taken away and back to the terminal and searched, forced to stand around in his underwear. After he is allowed to dress, the Turkish security chief of the airport makes his stand for several press photographs of him holding the confiscated drugs.A little later, Billy meets a man, Tex (Bo Hopkins), from the US Department of State. He tells Billy that the recent terrorist airline hijackings has made the Turks much more fanatical about airport security and that the potency or type of drug that Billy was caught with doesn't matter: the Turkish government wants to appear tough on smuggling. Tex takes Billy to a local police station and is interogated where Tex translates for a local Turkish detective whom offers Billy freedom if he points out who sold him the hash.The next day, when Billy takes Tex out into Istanbul to find the man he bought the hash from, Billy tries to run from his security escort. He is quickly caught by Tex himself, whose previously friendly attitude suddenly changes for the worse.During his first night in holding, Billy sneaks out of his tiny cell and takes a blanket. He is later rousted out of his cell by a large guard named Hamidou (Paul L. Smith), the chief of guards, who takes him to another filthy room, trusses Billy's ankles in the air and hits the soles of his feet repeatedly with his club for sealing the blanket as well as hitting a trustee. Billy's feet swell immensely and he is left in horrific pain. However the next morning, a small group of prisoners, Jimmy (Randy Quaid), an American, Max (John Hurt), an Englishman and Erich, a Swede, get him on his feet and walking (they tell him his feet will continue to swell and his recovery will be longer if he doesn't move around). Jimmy was sentenced for robbing a mosque and Erich was busted for smuggling about 100 grams of hash and given a 12-year sentence. Max has been in prison the longest for drug dealing (seven years and counting) while Erich has already served four years and Jimmy around three. Jimmy tells Billy that the prison is a dangerous place for foreigners like themselves and that no one can be trusted, not even the young children.Several weeks later, Billy appears before a local Turkish court before a panel of three judges to hear his case. Billy's father (Mike Kelvin) arrives where he hires him a Turkish lawyer to defend him. But Billy's uninterested lawyer does little to combat the charges brought by an angry prosecutor, who wants Billy charged with more than possession: if Billy is charged with smuggling over mere possession, his sentence will be heavier. After the three judges delibrate for an uncertain amount of time, Billy is sentenced to serve a prison term of four years and two months for posession of hashish at the Samalclar State Prison. Billy and his father appear devastated while his defense lawyer argues that it is a good thing because the judges (sympathetic to Billy) turned down the prosecutor's request to convict Billy for smuggling or impose a life sentence in order to make an example of him.Over the next several months, Billy slowly adjusts to prison life. He is also told about another prisoner named Rifki, who informs on other prisoners for unheard-of privileges and favors and has a special distaste for foreigners. Rifki also steals from his fellow inmates and seems to have an unlimited (for incarceration) supply of money to bribe the poorly paid guards. When Max offends Rifki, the informant kills Max's pet cat. Max tells Billy about the so-called 'midnight express' a code word meaning to escape from prison and how to do it.After a little over two and a half years in the prison, Billy is informed that his case will be reviewed again. Thinking he's being let go early for good behavior, Billy rushes to meet with Stanley Daniels, the representative from the US ambassador's office in the Turkish capital city of Anakara. However, the representative has bad news; the High Court in the capital of Anakara has heard a different argument from the prosecutor who has appealed the four-year term verdict, and is seeking to make an example of Billy to charge him with smuggling hashish (the so-called double-jeapordy law does not exist in Turkey for any accused can be tried more then once for the same crime on appeal or should new evidence surface).At another courtroom hearing, a distraught Billy rails against the three judges, the prosecutor, his own lawyers, the Turkish legal system, and the nation of Turkey itself. Speaking through a translator, with a mixture of anger and pity in his voice, the chief judge tells Billy that his hands are tied by Anakara and has no choice but to give him a life sentence. Billy is given a life sentence of 30 years, with time already served, for smuggling of hashish.In 1974, Billy's friend, Erich, is granted parole and leaves the prison after serving around eight years.Jimmy becomes convinced that he can escape the prison by going over the wall. Billy and Max refuse to join Jimmy, who is caught by the sadistic Hamidou and beaten so badly he suffers a hernia and loses a testicle. When Jimmy recovers and returns, he tells Billy and Max of another plan to escape; the stones used as walls in their section's kitchen are cemented in place with mortar that has weakened greatly in the dank conditions. Jimmy, Billy and Max discover two such stones and are able to remove them, finding a shaft behind them that leads to a system of flooded catacombs under the prison. The three of them spend several nights and hours searching for an escape route, however, is seems the Turks have long since blocked off every tunnel. The three give up and replace the stones, however, Rifki finds their secret in the kitchen and immediately tells Hamidou. Hamidou suspects Jimmy of being responsible and drags him off for punishment and Billy and Max figure out a revenge scheme: they find Rifki's stash of hidden money and destroy it by burning part and boiling the other part. In retaliation, Rifki frames Max for hashish possession. Hamidou has Max dragged off for punishment like Jimmy was. Billy goes berserk and savagely attacks Rifki in the washroom, chasing and beating the traitor until he bites out the man's tongue.In 1975, Billy is sent to the prison's ward for the insane for several months where he wanders in a daze among the other disturbed and catatonic prisoners. His activities seem to consist solely of walking in a circle. One day a prisoner, named Ahmet, talks to him; his words seem restore some of Billy's sanity and he begins to walk in the opposite direction. Billy is visited by Susan who passes him a photo album and tells him it has a picture of his "good friend, Mr. Franklin, from the bank". Susan, feeling devastated at Billy's horribly bedraggled state, also opens her blouse so Billy can masturbate.Billy returns to the sanatorium and inspects the book closely, finding several $50 bills hidden inside totaling around $2,000 in cash. Taking the money to Hamidou, he tries to bribe his longtime enemy to take him to the sanatorium that Jimmy had spoken about where the guards are more lax in their duties. Hamidou, chattering about being fed up with Billy, keeps the money and drags Billy to a large room with pegs set into the walls. Hamidou beats Billy and attempts to rape him when Billy suddenly rushes Hamidou and pushes him forcefully backwards. Hamidou, flailing and trying to regain his footing, slams into the wall, driving a clothes peg into the back of his head, dying instantly. For a short time, Billy considers shooting the dead man with his sidearm but decides not to.He dresses himself in Hamidou's uniform and reclaiming his money, Billy walks through the prison unnoticed to the front door. As he walks down the stairs, another guard stops him and throws him the keys to the door telling him (in Turkish) to remember to lock up when he checks out. Billy walks out to the street, slowing down only briefly when a police jeep rushes past him. He runs away, the frame freezing on him as he takes a victorious leap. A title card tells us that on the night of October 4, 1975, Billy was able to cross the Turkish border into Greece and flew home to the United States three weeks later. The final shots of the film before the closing credits show Billy reuniting with his family
The story is divided among three distinct time periods: the early 1920s, the early 1930s and the year 1968. The story is also jumps back and forth between these times and is summarized chronologically here.In 1968, David "Noodles" Aaronson, returns to Brooklyn, NY following a prolonged absence. He has been called back to his old neighborhood under mysterious circumstances; he's received a notice from a local rabbi telling him that the cemetery in his old neighborhood is being closed and the remains of those buried there are being moved. He sets himself up in with a room in a bar owned by an old friend, Fat Moe, and begins to investigate the summons he received. Noodles is suspicious of the letter, thinking he's been called back to see to the reburial of his old friends, Patsy, Cockeye and Max, who he used to be in a gang with. Noodles believes someone is seeking revenge against him.In the earliest time period, the boys grow up in poverty in a Jewish neighborhood of Brooklyn. They ostensibly work for a young local gangster named Bugsy, however, Noodles and his friends Patsy, Cockeye and Dominic, have ambitions to strike out on their own. One day, while attempting to roll a drunk, they are foiled in their plot by another boy, Max Bercovicz, who is just moving into the neighborhood with his mother. He keeps the drunk's pocket watch and leaves the boys to be harassed by a policeman, Whitey (whom the boys call "Fartface") who constantly bullies them. Noodles finds Max later and demands the watch back. Whitey happens by and takes the watch for himself. Noodles and Max come to admire each others resolve and decide to be friends. Though Noodles and Max seem to share the leadership of the gang, it is Max who is the more charismatic.Noodles has long desired to be romantically involved with girl, Deborah, who lives in his building and whose father owns the local kosher restaurant in the neighborhood. While using the men's room in the restaurant, David often spies on Deborah through a small hole in the wall while she practices her ballet steps. Deborah, however, consistently ignores or rebuffs Davids advances, a pattern that continues into their adult lives.One day Patsy spies Whitey walking along the rooftops of the neighborhood and follows him. Patsy immediately realizes that Whitey is going to see their pre-teen (and physically matured) friend, Peggy, who prostitutes herself. The boys catch Whitey in the act and photograph him, retreating quickly with the film plate. Whitey acquiesces to their demands that, as the new gang in the area, he pay them as much in tribute as he does Bugsy. They also get their watch back from him and make him pay for Noodles and Max to have sex with Peggy.The boys become something of a success in their neighborhood, thieving houses and stores and rolling more drunks and other weaker types for small earnings that are substantial for themselves. When Bugsy hears that there's another gang that isn't under his control, he and his thugs horribly beat Noodles and Max . Undaunted, the boys meet with a local Italian mobster, Capuano, & show him an invention of Noodles' that will allow Capuano to keep all the imported cargo he illegally deals even after his ship crews are forced to throw it overboard by harbor customs agents. The invention is a success and the boys become very wealthy, receiving 10% of Capuano's earnings. They rent a train station locker and stash their cash earnings in a leather briefcase, promising that they will only withdraw or deposit funds from the locker when they are all present and that the key will be kept by Fat Moe. On their way back from the station, they're attacked by Bugsy, who this time carries a pistol. Dominic is the only member of the gang who is shot by Bugsy (being the smallest, he is unable to run for cover as fast as his compatriots) and dies in Noodles' arms. Noodles retaliates and stabs Bugsy with a switchblade several times before a policeman tries to stop him - Noodles, in a fit of rage about Dominic, stabs the cop and is arrested. He is sentenced to 12 years in prison.In the early 1930s, Noodles is released from prison and is picked up by Max. Max explains that he and the rest of the gang have become very rich in the undertaking business. However, the mortician's parlor is a front for their real business, bootlegging illegal liquor. According to Max, they run the most popular speakeasy in the city; they hide the scotch they serve in the building's steam heating system. A party is held for Noodles on his return and Max introduces him to some new associates, Frankie Manoldi and his partner Joe. Frankie and Joe want the gang to rob a diamond broker's they own in Detroit. During the heist, Noodles hits and rapes a woman, Carol, who works there; she's a masochist who provokes Noodles into beating her; Noodles also does so despite a stern warning from Joe himself not to abuse her. The gang meets with Joe to give him the diamonds and kill him and his men on Frankie's orders. Noodles, unaware of the deal that Max made with Frankie to murder Joe, is quite angry with Max; his reasoning is that their gang should not be liable to anyone like Frankie and should operate independently. Also, Noodles is concerned that one day Frankie may want Noodles or Max to eliminate the other. Max assures Noodles it will never happen.The gang then begins to aid a local union leader, Jimmy O'Donnell, who has made a career of standing up to corrupt labor leaders, particularly a man named Crowning. After rescuing Jimmy from Crowning's thug, Chicken Joe, who is about to burn him alive, the gang offers their assistance to Jimmy, who initially refuses their help, not wanting to deal with men who operate in bootlegging, drugs or prostitution.The gang turns their attention to a local labor strike being engineered by a celebrity police captain, Aiello. Aiello is being manipulated by the factory owners into allowing his officers to protect the scab workers the owners have allowed into their factory. The gang concocts a brilliant and diabolical scheme to switch Aiello's newborn son (his family's only boy) at the hospital - Noodles calls him just after he discovers the switch (the gang switched his boy for a girl in the nursery) and tells him to call off his officers and let the workers and management work out the strike. However, when Patsy tries to remember which baby they switched Aiello's boy for, he can't; he's lost the switch list with the child's number on it. The mix-up doesn't faze the gang, however, & they agree to simply give Aiello the number of a random boy from the ward, coldly laughing over the fates of some of the children they'd mixed up.During the time that the gang is expanding their business dealings, Noodles rekindles his romance with Deborah. He arranges for a lavish vacation for them both at a posh resort that is closed for the season. Noodles reveals his love for Deborah, however, she is still as reluctant to get involved with him as she was when they were young and plans to leave for California to study acting. On their return trip, during a romantic encounter in their limousine, Noodles forces himself on Deborah and rapes her over her protests. Ashamed, he orders the driver to take her home. Some time later, Deborah boards a train to California; Noodles, from a distance in the station, watches her leave; she closes the compartment blind when she spots him.Jimmy is nearly killed on the street by Chicken Joe and the gang retaliates, shooting at Crowning outside his club, killing his bodyguards, including Chicken Joe. Jimmy is crippled for life but is able to continue his career. While they celebrate with Jimmy in the hospital, Jimmy's attorney, Sharkey, tells the gang that Prohibition may soon end and they should think about entering legitimate business with their large fleet of bootlegging trucks, with Jimmy acting as their front. Max seems to like the idea, however, Noodles is unconvinced, still adhering to his old mantra of not working for anyone but themselves. Max suggests that Noodles' idea of business is too archaic and that they need to expand to make more money, but Noodles still remains steadfast to his street code.Prohibition approaches its end in 1934 and the gang find themselves out of work. Not wanting to go into legitimate work, Max reveals an audacious plan to rob the Federal Reserve bank in Brooklyn. Noodles thinks the plan is too outrageous, knowing that it almost certainly would get him and the rest of the gang killed. By this time, the woman Noodles sexually assaulted in Detroit, Carol, has joined the brothel that Peggy runs (in conjunction with the gang's speakeasy) and has become Max's girlfriend. She tries to convince Noodles to get Max to abandon his plan or tip the police to get Max arrested. Noodles plans to tip the police about a liquor exchange Max has planned with Cockeye and Patsy, which is set to take place a short time after the gang's party in celebration of the end of Prohibition. Noodles does so and, when Max joins him in the office, provokes Max into a fight by suggesting his friend is crazy; it is a vulnerable fact of Max's life that his father was mentally unbalanced and died in a sanatorium. Noodles shows up at the site of the liquor buy and sees that Patsy and Cockeye have been killed and it appears Max has been burned beyond recognition. After returning to Fat Moe's bar and finding his girlfriend Eve murdered and Moe horribly beaten (depicted in the first scenes of the film), he retrieves the key to the locker at the train station. At the station, he finds that the money has been replaced with newspapers. Puzzled, Noodles buys a one-way ticket to Buffalo and leaves (the agent is director Sergio Leone in a cameo).During his sleuthing in 1968, Noodles finds out that his friends were moved to a different cemetery and a mausoleum was constructed for them. He finds the key to the train station locker inside, on a plaque that states Noodles put the plaque and key there to honor his friends. He goes to the locker and finds the same leather case and more money inside. A note inside the case says "Advance payment for your next job". According to news reports, a senator named Bailey, is under investigation for corruption; several witnesses set to testify against Bailey have all died under mysterious circumstances. Noodles suspects a connection between Bailey and the money left to him. Before visiting the senator's house under invitation, he talks to Carol who tells him that Deborah is once again living in the New York City area and is now a famous stage actress. Noodles visits her and the two have a lengthy conversation. Deborah's most important revelation is that she and Senator Bailey are together and have a grown-up son, also named David, who very closely resembles Max when he was younger and a criminal in his old neighborhood.Noodles goes to Bailey's Long Island mansion and meets directly with the Senator, who reveals himself to be Max. Max had faked his own death during the liquor exchange where he was "killed" and has, for the past 30 years, created the Bailey persona as a disguise. With the impending investigation for corruption, Max tells Noodles that he wants to be assassinated and that Noodles is the only person to do it (hence the money in the suitcase as an "advance for the next job"). Noodles refuses, saying that he feels betrayed and has felt guilty for the entire span Max was gone, which is punishment enough. He leaves through a secret passage; on the street outside Bailey's estate, he catches a glimpse of Bailey standing by the road. A garbage truck drives by, the augers in the back clearly visible, suggesting but not concluding for certain that Bailey has thrown himself into them to his death.The film ends in the 1930s time period, with Noodles in a Chinese opium den. Laying down after a few puffs from an opium pipe, he smiles as the closing credits run.It has been suggested by fans, critics and film historians that the 1968 sequences were all part of an opium-induced dream experienced by Noodles

One line (Juliet's character speaking to Jeremy's character) is the quintessential synopsis of the entire film: "...damaged people are dangerous...they know they can survive."



This movie is not what it seems. Ringo, having accepted a ring from a fan, unwittingly becomes the target sacrifice of an eastern cult. Attempting to rid themselves of this deadly jewelry, the Fab Four encounter Mad Scientists, Scotland Yard, the entire complement of the Nassau police force and one wayward long distance swimmer. As the plot is only a device upon which a great deal of happy nonsense is draped, its actually the least important part of the film. I can say no more.An exotic religious cult led by a pompous leader Clang (Leo McKern) in the middle of its annual sacrificing of a young nymph to the god Kieli, realize that the girl is not wearing the sacrificial ring, and lo and behold it's on the finger of Ringo Starr. A mission is put into place immediately to recover the ring, or at least to sacrifice the person wearing it so that the god awaiting the sacrifice will not be insulted. Thus begins the exploits of Help in which a crazed group bent on satiating its god's sacrificial hunger stalks John, Paul, George and Ringo with various sharp instruments. The main goal of the Beatles is to remove the ring from Ringo's finger and return it to the cult, thus avoiding death. One of the members of the cult, Ahme (Eleanor Bron) is attracted to the Fab Four, Paul in particular, and works to sabotage the efforts of the religious cult. Time after time the cult attempts to capture Ringo only to be thwarted either by the band's elusive nature or by the cult's own inept efforts. When the Fab Four seeks help from a delusional scientist, Professor Foot (Victor Spinetti), he desires the ring because its power will give him power to "rule the world", and escape the bane of government grants to conduct his research. Moving on to Scotland Yard a police inspector (Patrick Cargill) filled with his own importance sets a trap for the cult, but they manage to capture Ringo anyway and establish a makeshift beach side sacrificial area with the help of their own country's militia. As the Fab Four flee from England to Austria, to the Bahamas there's always time for a musical number


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Vince Everett is serving a one-year jail sentence for manslaughter. While in the big house, his cellmate, a former country singer, introduces him to the record business. Everett takes to it so well that he decides to become a singer when he gets out. However, he is quickly disillusioned by the record business. But with the help of a new friend, he decides to form his own label, and soon becomes an overnight sensation. But when he becomes a superstar, will his desire for fame and money cause him to forget the people who got him there?Written by <>





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Dorothy Gale (Judy Garland) is an orphaned teenager who lives with her Auntie Em (Clara Blandick) and Uncle Henry (Charley Grapewin) on a Kansas farm. She daydreams about going "over the rainbow" after Miss Gulch (Margaret Hamilton), a nasty neighbor, hits Dorothy's dog Toto (Terry) on the back with a rake, causing Toto to bite her. Miss Gulch shows up with an order to take Toto to the sheriff to be euthanized, but Toto jumps out of the basket on the back of Miss Gulch's bicycle and runs back to Dorothy. Fearing that Miss Gulch, who does not know that Toto has escaped, will return, Dorothy takes the dog and runs away from home. She meets an itinerant phony fortune teller, Professor Marvel (Frank Morgan), who immediately guesses that Dorothy has run away. Pretending to tell her fortune and wishing to reunite Dorothy with her aunt, he tells her that Auntie Em has fallen ill from worry over her.Dorothy immediately returns home with Toto, only to find a tornado approaching. Unable to reach her family in their storm cellar, Dorothy enters the house, is knocked unconscious by a loose window, and apparently begins to dream. Along with her house and Toto, she's swept from her sepia-toned world to the magical, beautiful, dangerous and technicolor land of Oz. The tornado drops Dorothy's house on the Wicked Witch of the East, killing her. The witch ruled the Land of the Munchkins, little people who think at first that Dorothy herself must be a witch. The Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton again), who is the sister of the dead witch, threatens Dorothy. But Glinda (Billie Burke), the Good Witch of the North, gives Dorothy the dead witch's enchanted Ruby Slippers, and the slippers protect her. Glinda advises that if Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas, she should seek the aid of the Wizard of Oz, who lives in the Emerald City. To get there, Dorothy sets off down the Yellow Brick Road.Before she's followed the road very far, Dorothy meets a talking scarecrow whose dearest wish is to have a brain. Hoping that the wizard can help him, the Scarecrow (Ray Bolger) joins Dorothy on her journey. They come upon the Tin Woodman (Jack Haley), who was caught in the rain and is so rusty he can't move. When they oil his joints so he can walk and talk again, he confesses that he longs for a heart; he too joins Dorothy. As they walk through a dense forest, they encounter the Cowardly Lion (Bert Lahr), who wishes for courage and joins the quest in the hope that the wizard will give him some. Dorothy's three friends resemble the three farmhands who work for Dorothy's aunt and uncle back in Kansas.On the way to the Emerald City, Dorothy and her friends are hindered and menaced by the Wicked Witch of the West. She incites trees to throw apples at them, then tries to set the scarecrow on fire. Within sight of the city, the witch conjures up a field of poppies that cause Dorothy, Toto, and the lion to fall asleep. Glinda saves them by making it snow, which counteracts the effects of the poppies.The four travelers marvel at the wonders they find in the Emerald City and take time to freshen up: Dorothy, Toto and the Lion have their hair done, the Tin Woodman gets polished, and the scarecrow receives an infusion of fresh straw stuffing. As they emerge looking clean and spiffy, the Wicked Witch appears on her broomstick and skywrites "Surrender Dorothy" above the city. The friends are frustrated at their reception by the "great and powerful" Wizard of Oz (Frank Morgan again) -- at first he won't receive them at all. When they finally see him (the doorkeeper lets them in because he had an Aunt Em himself), the Wizard declines to help them until they bring him the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. Daunted but determined, they set off again.The witch sends winged monkeys to attack Dorothy's party before they reach her castle; the monkeys snatch Dorothy and Toto and scatter the others. When the witch finds that the Ruby Slippers can't be taken against Dorothy's will as long as the girl is alive, she turns her hourglass and threatens that Dorothy will die when it runs out. Meanwhile, Toto has escaped and run for help. Dressed as guardsmen, the Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow sneak into the castle and free Dorothy. They're discovered before they can escape, however, and the witch and her guards corner them and set the Scarecrow on fire. Dorothy douses him with a pail of water, splashing the witch by accident. The water causes the witch to disintegrate ("I'm melting!"). The guards are happy to let Dorothy have the witch's broomstick, and Dorothy and her friends return to the Emerald City.The wizard isn't pleased to see them again. He blusters until Toto pulls aside a curtain in the corner of the audience chamber to reveal an old man who resembles Professor Marvel pulling levers and speaking into a microphone -- the so-called wizard, as the Scarecrow says, is a humbug. He's abashed and apologetic, but quickly finds ways to help Dorothy's friends: a diploma for the Scarecrow, a medal of valor for the Lion, and a testimonial heart-shaped watch for the Tin Man. Then he reveals that he's from Kansas himself and came to Oz in a hot-air balloon, in which he proposes to take Dorothy home.The wizard appoints the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion rulers of Oz in his absence. Just as the balloon is about to take off Toto runs after a cat and Dorothy follows him. Unable to stop, the wizard leaves without Dorothy. But Glinda appears and explains that Dorothy has always had the power to get home; Glinda didn't tell her before because Dorothy wouldn't have believed it. Bidding her friends a tearful good-bye, Dorothy taps her heels together three times, repeats "There's no place like home," and the Ruby Slippers take her and Toto back to Kansas.Dorothy wakes up in her own bed with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry fussing over her. Professor Marvel and the farmhands Hunk (Ray Bolger again), Hickory (Jack Haley again), and Zeke (Bert Lahr again) stop by to see how she's doing. She raises indulgent laughter when she tells them about Oz, but she's so happy to be home she doesn't mind that they don't believe her. Miss Gulch is never mentioned again.





The year is 1899, and Christian, a young English writer, has come to Paris to follow the Bohemian revolution taking hold of the city's drug and prostitute infested underworld. And nowhere is the thrill of the underworld more alive than at the Moulin Rouge, a night club where the rich and poor men alike come to be entertained by the dancers, but things take a wicked turn for Christian as he starts a deadly love affair with the star courtesan of the club, Satine. But her affections are also coveted by the club's patron: the Duke. A dangerous love triangle ensues as Satine and Christian attempt to fight all odds to stay together but a force that not even love can conquer is taking its toll on Satine...


Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is a frustrated artist. He has tried to leave a job he hates--painting large display versions of record-album covers--but he shreds his efforts and throws them out the window. The pieces blow past a mural of nine dancing women. THE WOMEN GLOW INTO LIFE AND LEAP FROM THE PAINTING! They dance down the street and turn into streaks of neon light, with accompanying "whoosh" sounds. Sonny does not see this. He returns to his hated job. On the way there, he is kissed by one of the nine women (Olivia Newton-John).At work, his co-workers lovingly chide him. His tyrannical boss orders him to paint just what he is told and nothing more. He seems beat down, but his next assignment is an album cover ... with the kissing woman on it! He asks around--who is the kissing album-cover woman? A guy behind the desk says she's not on the payroll. The photographer can't explain how she got into the shoot for the album cover--of a hundred pictures, she's in only one. A guy on a porch hasn't seen her (but tries to set Sonny up with one of his daughters). Sonny goes to look for her at the scene of the kiss. He hears a clarinet played by an older gentleman who sits on a rock by the ocean. The older gent is Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly).One thing leads to another, Danny and Sonny become friends and decide to open a club together, and Sonny meets the kissing album-cover girl, who is named Kira. Sonny and Kira fall in love, but Kira reveals to him that she's a supernatural being, a muse. She's not supposed to fall in love with mortals. Rather, her purpose in the universe is to inspire people--men, it seems--to achieve a dream; then she moves on. So, sadly, she must leave. Sonny is glum, but Danny tells him not to accept this situation. Sonny finds the wall upon which Kira was, and is, a painting. He looks at the wall, then roller-skates quickly toward it and jumps into it! He crosses over into an unspecified but disco-y dimension and finds Kira. After politely protesting with Zeus about Kira's being separated from him, he is banished back to our mortal realm. In a big closing number with dancers galore, the club opens and Danny brings Sonny and Kira together.

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