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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
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 Read the extract from a travel book and tick (ü) A, B, or C.
I arranged to stay in a farmhouse outside a village in southern Italy. My itinerary said that the plane arrived in Italy at five o’clock in the afternoon and it was a thirty-minute drive from the airport to the village. I wanted to get to my destination before it got dark, so I could have a drink, watch the sunset, and enjoy an evening mea
The problems began at Heathrow airport. My plane was three hours late. I walked around the airport, looked in the shops, and drank coffee in the cafés. I didn’t eat anything. That was a mistake! When the plane finally took off, they gave me a cold, tasteless meal which I couldn’t eat.
We arrived in Italy in the early evening. The sun was setting as I was collecting my bags! I missed it completely! I went to the desk to find my hire car and that’s when I discovered the next problem. The receptionist couldn’t find my name on the computer and there were no more cars. There were no buses or trains to the village, and the taxis were on strike.
The receptionist felt sorry for me. She phoned her brother, Alessandro, who agreed to take me to the village. Alessandro arrived in a very old car and we set off. Fifteen minutes later … we broke down. I was tired, depressed, and very, very hungry. Luckily, Alessandro was a mechanic. After an hour, he fixed the car and we started driving again.
It was nearly midnight when we arrived at the farmhouse. A man opened the door and smiled. ‘Come in,’ he said. ‘We waited for you.’ I sat with a group of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and had an absolutely wonderful meal.

Example: It was the writer’s first trip to Italy.
A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say   ü 

1   He bought some souvenirs at Heathrow airport.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
2   He had a snack at the airport.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
3   He complained about the meal on the plane.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
4   He planned to walk to the village from the airport.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
5   His name wasn’t on the computer of the hired car company.
       A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
6   He couldn’t get a train to the village because they were on strike.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
7   The receptionist asked a relative to help the writer.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
8   Alessandro was a taxi driver.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
9   When the car broke down, Alessandro phoned a mechanic.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      
10   There was no food for the writer at the farmhouse.
     A  True          B  False          C  Doesn’t say      



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