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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
Practica listenings, readings, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and more....

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011



Watch the first 3 minutes od the vídeo and try to fill in the gaps with the words you hear.

So, you're coming to London, one of the____________ ___________ __________in the world!
Hostel bookers will take you around the city's most interesting____________ and share some of London's must-see hidden gems, which kept everything cheap and cheerful with___________
and free things to do ______ ____________ ______.
First things first , buy an Oyster Card, this your key to getting around transport for London website or buy from a London station.
Top spot a few more landmarks pop on the ultimate_______ _________ ________, the number 15, not only is it the authentic London double-decker but it is also _______ _______ than the commercial ______________buses.
Or why not ride a bike from one of many docking_______ _____________all around the city centre?
The West End is London's_____________neighbourhood. Major films premiere in Leicester Square, but don't pay top dollar for cinema tickets here, __________, go round the corner to the Prince Charles Cinema for cheap screenings.
If you___________seeing a top London show, your best bet is to try the Coliseum, one of London's___________ ___________, which offers cheap tickets, for certain___________. If you're after a quick bite before show, dive into China Town for some cheap eats. Choose one with lots of _____________ _______________and you're guaranteed an authentic____________. Once an old flower market, there's never a ____________ ____________ around Covent Garden. To watch the __________ ____________, avoid the premium tables at the _____________ eateries and instead grab a snack and____________ ____________ ____________ on the kerb.
Next, head to neighbouring Trafalgar Square. This is the National Gallery which offers ______ ___________ and cheap Saturday cinema sessions.
The National Portratit Gallery is ust ___________ ___________.
Head along Neal Street and Neal's Yard for creative ________________ dishes at the  _________
World Food Café; there are plenty of great boutiques and vintage shops distract you en route.
Get out on the river Thames and see London from a fresh_________. Why not use your Oyster Card on the Tate Boat, a service that runs between two of London's top art ___________.
On the south side of the river Thames, an area called ____________ ______________ you'll find some of London's major cultural __________________ . Have a browse round the South Bank book fair, you also find Shakespeare's Globe, the National Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall along this stretch. ____________ the British Film Institute___________ you to explore the film archive for free. It is truly a hub for the ____________.


hub: centro neuràlgico
stretch: tramo
kerb: bordillo
many docking stations: estación central
cheaps screenings: proyecciones baratas
dive into: sumergirse, zambullirse
grab a snack: coger un snack
vintage: de época, clásico, retro
landmarks: puntos de referencia
truly: verdaderamente, realmente
to spot: detectar, encontrar

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