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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
Practica listenings, readings, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and more....

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


  • You would like to do a course in the UK. Phone a language school and ask for useful information.
  • You want your daughter to go to a single-sex private school. Reach an agreement with your partner who wants her daughter to attend a state school near where she lives.
  • You are looking for a new job and decide to phone to a company which is looking for people to work with your company in a summer camp. Your partner phones your company. You have to answer his questions anda ask for personal interests and working experience.
  • Judging appearance. STEREOTYPES. Talk about profiles or stereotypes in your country.
  • Your friend is a truant student. Skipping classes. Talk about the reasons for the absence, changes during it in your school and about the next exam.
  • Your teenage son is writing an essay about climate change anda ask you for some help. Include more points.
  • You come across your best friend at school after a long time. Have a conversation about what you have been doing and your plans.
  • You are at party and you want to make friends and have a good time.
  • You believe social networks are a great way to be updated and keep in touch with your friends.
  • You are interested in exchanging your house with a British family next summer. Phone them to ask for more information about the house, area and so on.
  • Talk about houses, area, neighbors......
  • Private school or state school
  • Talk about your school
  • Talk about Shopping: how you feel, money you spend, charity shop, street market, shopping centres..
  • You see a friend of your childhood after many years. Speak about work, family, studies, future plans...
  • Daily routines
  • The prize goes to.... Talk about a movie or film review (actors, sequels, audience, special effects, director....)
  • Relationships. Socializing ( family and friends celebrations and events)
  • Talk about overweight. Preventive measures, advice, things I need to do to lose weight
  • Talk about THE MEDIA (magazines, newspaper, tv..). Shows or programmes you would like to watch
  • Talk about how do you spend the day. Do you have a good or a bad day today?
  • Planning a trip. Your holiday or for a weekend.  Talk about how do you get there

1-Recommend a mobile phone to a friend. Ask about what features they need and suggest other useful features.
2-You are dining out with a vegetarian – talk about what they can eat and make suggestions from the menu.
3-You are going out with friends for dinner – make suggestions about which restaurant to go to, with reasons. Try to persuade the group that your idea is the best.
4-You have been offered a new job. Talk to a friend about it and ask for advice about whether you should accept it.
5-You and a friend are going to study English. You want to do an intensive course in England but your friend wants to go to a language school in Spain. Discuss the pros and cons of each option.
6-You are on a blind date. Introduce yourselves and talk about hobbies, likes /dislikes, family, work etc.
7-Discuss the advantages / disadvantages of computers. Common problems, laptop/ desktop, features to look for when buying a computer.
8-You are planning a holiday with a friend. Discuss the best points about going to the coast, the mountains, abroad. Different styles of accommodation, travel, etc. Talk about previous experiences.
9- You meet an old friend and you ask him about your life, family, job, etc.
10- You are in a party with other people, and you talk with another person about things that you/him like and dislike, travel, music, cinema, etc.
11- You have to prepare a meal for a birthday.
12- Internet for our children. It's a good or bad idea.
13-at the doctor

14 -You have been in a foreign country for a year. You are on holiday in your home country. Answer your friend's questions about how you found: the language, the food, the weather, being away from  your family, the culture.

15You would like to work abroad. Ask for advice from your friend. Ask them about their experiencies, people, culture, weather, food, family, etc.

16- You have just arrived at your holiday hotel.The room is tiny , dirty, cold and there is not hot water. Complain politely to the recepcionist.
You are the recepcionist in a holiday hotel. Respong to the guest's complaints.

17-You are a waiter/waitress in a restaurant. Deal with the costumers complaints. Try to persuade the customer that they ordered ham and mushroom.
You ordered a seafood pizza but the waiter has brought you a ham and mushroom pizza. You don't eat ham.

18-You are going to rent out a room in your house. Answer the questions from the person who wants to rent it.
You are looking for a room to rent. Ask quewstions about: the room, the house, the area, local facilities, any rules, pets or no, price.

19- You and a friend are organising a night out. Suggest where to go and give reasons. When you both agree, decide where and when to meet and confirm the arrangements.

20- In the following situations student 1 they are making the right decision and the student 2 thinks the opposite.
Discuss the situations (conditionals would be useful!)

21. EATING HABITS (breakfast, have lunch, dinner)HEALTHY OR NOT HEALTHY
24.1 Andrew is thinking of going to work in China
25.Maria's thinking of leaving her husband and taking the children with her because he's been having an affair.
26. Tina's thinking of becoming a teacher
27.Sharon's thinking of dropping out of university.
28. Rob's thinking of forming a rock band
29. HOLIDAYS. in the past or in the future. 
30. There is food in a fridge. Talking about what kind of family is.
31. Talking about relationship, a person who you admire or your are very close
32. Talking about your ideal house. Comparasing with another house.
33. You want to go to the beach but your friend, he wants to go to the mountains. 

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