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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
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martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012


The Planets

  The Sun is at the center of the planets. Close to it are the inner planets - Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.
  Mercury the planet closest to the Sun, is a cratered rock not much bigger than our Moon.  It is incredibly hot and unable to support any kind of life.  The atmosphere contains sodium and potassium.
  Venus is the next planet from the Sun and is about the same size as the Earth.  The atmosphere is made up of mainly carbon dioxide.  The surface temperature can be as high as 480 degrees Celsius.  There is no life of any kind on the planet Venus.
  Earth is the only planet that has the conditions to support life.  The surface is neither very cold nor very hot.  Water can exist in all its three forms - as gas, liquid, and solid.  These conditions allow plants and animals to live and reproduce.
  Mars, the first planet beyond Earth is smaller than the Earth.  The atmosphere is made up mostly of carbon dioxide.  Water exists on this planet, but only in the form of ice.  The whole planet is a red, lifeless desert.
  The outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are called the gas giants.  They are much larger than the Earth. The outermost planet, Pluto, is no longer classified as a planet.  It is now called a dwarf Planet.  It is so far away, it is a mystery.

Answer the questions below
How many planets are there?
The is at the center of the planets. 
The dwarf planet, , is a mystery.
is the planet closest to the Sun.
The planet is about the same size as the Earth.
Water exists on the planet Mars in the form of .
Water exists on the planet in three forms.
Which planet is a red, lifeless desert?
Which planets are called the gas giants?
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

Martial Arts
  The martial arts consist of a series of hand-to-hand unarmed combat tactics.  The most popular are karate, judo, jujitsu, and kung fu.  Many experts believe kung fu does not belong in the category of unarmed self-defense because it can become a killer art in its most violent form.
  Chinese jujitsu and its offshoot, judo, are thousands of years old.  They began in China and Japan.  During the Middle Ages in Japan, common people were not allowed to carry weapons.  They devised a self-defense technique that involved a series of holds, trips, strangles, and falls.  By the 1700's, judo and jujitsu were no longer required for self-defense, but these sports survived stressing grace, physical discipline, and spiritual concentration.
Martial Arts
  Jigaro Kano, a Japanese man, founded the first judo school in 1882.  He introduced the system of "belts," with a white belt for a novice and a black belt for an expert.  This system has been extended to karate as well.  Judo came to America in 1902.
  Karate was introduced in an Okinawa school in 1905.  By the year 1922, it had spread to Japan, and eventually was practiced worldwide.  Today, the World Union of Karatedo (Karate) Organization sets the rules governing the use of striking, punching, and kicking on various parts of the body.  Matches last from two to three minutes and points are scored for blows to the neck, face, kidneys, and midsection of an opponent.  The blows are not actually landed: if they were, they could disable or even kill.

Answer the questions below
1.  According to this passage which of the martial arts are thousands of years old?
karate and judo. Chinese jujitsu and judo.
jujitsu and kung fu.
2.  During the Middle Ages in Japan, common people were not allowed to carry .
3.  By the 1700's judo and jujitsu became sports stressing grace, physical discipline, and concentration.
4.  The first judo school was founded in 1882 by a man, named Jigaro Kano.
5.  Judo came to in 1902.
6.  Many experts believe does not belong in the category of unarmed self-defense.
7.  Judo and jujitsu began in China and .
8.  While a white belt stands for a novice, a black belt stands for a/an
intermediate. trainer. expert.
9.  How long does a karate match last?
one hour two to three minutes fifteen minutes
10.  Karate was introduced in an Okinawa school in 1905.  By the year 1922, it had spread to Japan, and eventually was practiced

  Maggie had never experienced an earthquake before, only prepared for it.  As long as she could remember, preparing for an earthquake was routine at school.  Her family as well had made plans in the event of a natural disaster.   Living on the west coast of the United States was earthquake country.   However, it was not the same.  Today Maggie was home alone.  Her mind focused on her parents and what could be happening to them.  Maggie knew her mom would be driving home on the busy, congested freeway.  Her mind was preoccupied with preparing supper for Maggie's dad.  Maggie's dad was due to arrive at the airport.  He was coming home from a two week business trip.
  Maggie arrived home from school at the regular time.  She was grabbing a snack from the almost bare pantry, when she felt it.  First just a tremor, then the violent shaking.  Maggie quickly scurried under the large, oak table in the dining room.   The sounds of breaking glass and the crashing of numerous items was deafening.  The table remained intact, and Maggie hugged herself in fear.  Her mind focusing on her parents and what apparent danger they might be in.
  After what seemed like an eternity the earthquake appeared to be over.  Maggie could hear the sound of water rushing below her in the basement.  The smell of natural gas was present in the air.  Maggie knew where the main water valve was located.   Dad had shown her where it was and how to turn it off.   Slowly and cautiously she came out from under the table.  The once tidy ranch home was now almost unrecognizable.  Walls had toppled over and electric sparks were shooting from the outlets.  As Maggie approached the open basement door she could see the steps were still intact.  Carefully holding the handrail she made her way down into the dark basement.  While still on the steps she felt the water rising and rising.  Placing her feet firmly on the floor Maggie felt a sudden surge of pain as a large ceiling beam hit her head and shoulder.   She fell unconscious onto a pile of storage boxes.....

Answer the questions below
The earthquake began with a small .
Maggie had grown up and lived on the coast.
Her mom was traveling home from work on the .
The heavy, oak table was not damaged and remained .
Maggie detected an odor in the house and knew it was gas.
Her dad was arriving home from a trip.
Maggie had just arrived home from .
Maggie had prepared for an earthquake, but never an earthquake.
Maggie knew the water had to be turned off at the main water located in the basement.
Maggie held the as she found her way down into the basement.
She was knocked by a large ceiling beam.
Maggie knew her mom's mind would be on preparing .
Maggie and her family lived in what type of a home? Ranch or Condominium


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