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If you click on the picture you will find all information that you need to learn English

If you click on the picture you  will find all information that you need to learn English
Practica listenings, readings, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary and more....

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2011



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  1. ___ largest city in England is London.
    a. A
    b. The
  2. The river ___ runs through London is the Thames.
    a. which
    b. what
  3. The Victoria and Albert, The Great British, and The Science are all famous museums ___ London.
    a. on
    b. in
  4. Nearly 400 years ___ a fire destroyed most of the city.
    a. ago
    b. since
  5. Heathrow and Gatwick are the two airports ___ London.
    a. for
    b. of
  6. Most London taxis ___ black.
    a. is
    b. are
  7. London taxi drivers have to learn ___ street in the city to pass the exam to become a "cabbie".
    a. all
    b. every
  8. The public transport to big towns and cities ___ fairly good.
    a. is
    b. are
  9. The coach is usually cheaper ___ the train, but of course takes longer.
    a. then
    b. than
  10. The famous red London buses are called "double deckers" because ___ have two floors.
    a. they
    b. it
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  1. Don't ___ large amounts of cash with you.
    a. carry
    b. carries
    c. carried
  2. Traveller cheques in dollars, francs, pounds and yen ___ safer.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. were
  3. British banks and post offices ___ open on Sundays and national holidays.
    a. don't
    b. doesn't
  4. National holidays ___ actually called bank holidays.
    a. am
    b. is
    c. are
  5. Most banks also ___ at 3:00 and aren't open Saturday afternoons either.
    a. close
    b. closes
    c. closed
  6. Shops are usually ___ from 9:00 to 5:30.
    a. open
    b. opens
    c. opened
  7. But in big towns, once a week there is "late night opening" when the closing time ___.
    a. change
    b. changes
    c. changed
  8. Credit cards ___ accepted at most major shops.
    a. is
    b. are
  9. A pickpocket is someone who ___ purses, handbags and wallets. This is probably the biggest danger you face.
    a. steal
    b. steals
    c. stole
  10. Therefore, it is a good idea to ___ your traveller cheque numbers, passport number and your credit card numbers in a safe place.
    a. keep
    b. keeps
    c. kept
  11. Other dangers ___ spending too much, eating too much and of course in Scotland, drinking too much whiskey.
    a. are
    b. is
  12. The emergency telephone number for the police, ambulance and fire is the same. You ___ "999".
    a. dialed
    b. dials
    c. dial
  13. If you dial "999", you ___ to tell the operator the address, telephone number and what service you want.
    a. have
    b. has
    c. had
  14. Hotels are available in every town, but there are also "bed and breakfast" available. These ___ cheaper and usually much more personal.
    a. is
    b. are
  15. The tourist information centres are very helpful and ___ free maps.
    a. give
    b. gives
    c. gave

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  1. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are ___ from the U.K.
    a. both
    b. all
  2. London is ___ capital city.
    a. a
    b. the
  3. Most London buses ___ postboxes are painted red.
    a. and
    b. or
  4. The London underground is ___ commonly called "The Tube".
    a. more
    b. less
  5. The unit ___ currency is called the pound.
    a. for
    b. of
  6. ___ are 100 pence in a pound.
    a. There
    b. They
  7. The cost of ___ a phone call starts from 10 pence.
    a. calling
    b. making
  8. Everybody speaks English, but Welsh and Gaelic are also ___ in parts of the U.K.
    a. speak
    b. spoken
  9. Rugby, cricket and football are ___ national sports
    a. all
    b. both
  10. However in summer tennis is popular, especially ___ the time of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
    a. around
    b. over

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